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o ACL 1998 Newsletter
o ACL 1999 Newsletter
o ACL Archives
o ACL Exec reports, 1993
o ACL Exec reports, 1994
o ACL Exec reports, 1998
o ACL Exec reports, 1999
o ACL Officer Duties
o ACL Officials Duties
o ACL PC Guidelines
o ACL Program Committee Report, 1997
o April 1995 Constitution of the ACL
o Call for Bids to HOST ACL/EACL 2001 (useful for reference on how to put a conference together)
o Constitution of The North American Chapter of The Association for Computational Linguistics
o Document Declaring the EACL as a Dutch Foundation
o Editorial Boards for Computational Linguistics
o Guidelines on Travel To PC Meeting
o Past ACL Program Committees
o Past ACL officers, 1989-1999
o Report on The Declining Membership of the ACL by Eduard Hovy and Kathy McCoy
o Some Notes on ACL History, by Karen Sparck Jones (7 October 1994, updated 19 July 1996)


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