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O ACL-related organizations (SIG,EACL,...) [DIR: 38 entries] ...
o ACM SIGART - Special Interest Group in Artificial Intelligence
o ACM SIGIR - Information Retrieval
o Advanced Research and Development Activity
o American Dialect Society
o Applied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA)
o Association for Computational Phonology
o Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing
o Association for Terminology and Knowledge Transfer
o Association for the History of Language
o Associaton for Machine Translation in the Americas
o Australasian Language Technology Association
o Australian Speech Science And Technology Association (ASSTA)
o CLUK: Computational linguistics UK
o Canadian Society for Computational Studies of Intelligence
o Center for Applied Linguistics
o Draft of the NAACL constitution
o EAGLES - Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering Standards
o EAGLES On Line
o ELAN - European Language Activity Network
o European Association for Logic, Language, and Information
o European Network in Language and Speech
o European Speech Communication Association
o Front for the Identity of Endangered Languages (FILLA)
o Global Wordnet Association
o ICLA - International Cognitive Linguistics Association
o IJCAI - International Joint Conference on AI
o International Committee on Computational Linguistics (ICCL/COLING)
o International Lexical-Functional Grammar Association
o International Speech Communication Association
o International Speech Communication Association
o Linguistics Association of Great Britain
o Multilingual Information Processing Unit (TIM), School of Translation and Interpretation (ETI), University of Geneva
o NIST -- Spoken Natural Language Processing Group
o Natural Interaction and MultiModality work group
o Processamento computacional do portugues
o Sociedad Espanola para el Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural
o The Association for Computers and the Humanities
o The British Computer Society -Natural Language Translation Specialist Group
o The CJK Dictionary Institute


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